The Big O CLIMAXX yoni gel - 3pk

$72.00 $58.00

Our powerful formula is packed with ingredients like cnidium, angelica, propolis, saffron, Perilla oil, and grape seed oil that work together to enhance blood circulation, increase wetness, and help you achieve multiple intense o's.

That's right, we said MULTIPLE. Using CLIMAXX Gel is easy peasy. Just apply a small amount to your clit and the surrounding area, then gently massage until you find your sweet spot. You can customize your experience based on your preferences, so go ahead and explore to your heart's content.

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“I have been using my new bundle for a week. Within the first two days I could already tell a difference in my smell and 💦💦 💦 Let’s just say he wants a subscription to mi&my 🤭”

Vondell M.