Sweet Kitty Restore Pops


Say goodbye to out-of-whack PH levels and body odor and say hello to Sweet Kitty! Sweet Kitty helps bring your PH balance back in line, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.  Enjoy the confidence of knowing your body smells great is balanced and healthy - conveniently and quickly! No more worrying about your body pH: Sweet Kitty has got you covered. Try them today!

For Odorless, Tighter & Juicier Kittys

Excellent for constant yeast, body odor and BV

Natural Ingredients


LISTED ON THE BOTTLE (30 included)

Please note that this product is for VAGINAL USE ONLY and should not be ingested.

Main ingredients: B o r a x, Pearls powder, Chlorophyll, Calculus Bovis Artifactus


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“I have been using my new bundle for a week. Within the first two days I could already tell a difference in my smell and 💦💦 💦 Let’s just say he wants a subscription to mi&my 🤭”

Vondell M.