Baby Maker - 3pk

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Get ready to turn up the heat with our beloved scent - Baby Maker! This indulgent fragrance is back and better than ever, with an aroma that is sure to blow your mind and leave your man going wild with desire.

Crafted with MI & MY's signature 100% oil-based perfume oils, Baby Maker is a scent that is free from any dilution. This means that the scent is more distinct and long-lasting, ensuring that you enjoy a luxurious fragrance that lasts all night long.

Bask in the alluring aroma and experience the ultimate pleasure that only our high-quality perfume oils can provide. With its captivating scent, Baby Maker is the perfect addition to any romantic encounter, leaving your man begging for more.


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“I have been using my new bundle for a week. Within the first two days I could already tell a difference in my smell and 💦💦 💦 Let’s just say he wants a subscription to mi&my 🤭”

Vondell M.